Bequests for RDA Raymond Terrace & Lower Hunter

Supporting the future of RDA Raymond Terrace by leaving a bequest

Bequests are an important and special way that you can support the people with disabilities in the Hunter Region. Perhaps you’ve wanted to make sure your family name lives on or that of a loved one is remembered for years to come, or maybe you want to assist your community in a special way.

The Riding for the Disabled Raymond Terrace & Lower Hunter Centre offers an ideal way for you to leave a bequest in your Will to recognise your wishes and to be carefully managed to benefit your community.

A bequest to our Centre may also associate your name with the community you lived in and loved.

There are a number of different ways in which you can leave a bequest, no matter what the size, to the Riding for the Disabled Raymond Terrace & Lower Hunter Centre.

Four ways to leave a bequest

You can leave a percentage of your estate. Your bequest will change with the size of your estate, taking inflation into account and ensuring that your gift never becomes disproportionate to other parts of your will.

You can leave the residue of your estate. After meeting all your personal commitments, you can choose to leave RDA Raymond Terrace the balance of your estate.

You can leave a specific sum. You can specify the amount you wish to donate to RDA Raymond Terrace. As this does not allow for changes to your estate, you should review your will regularly.

You can leave a specific asset or valuable possession, such as real estate, stocks or bonds, jewellery, or a work of art.

If you have already made a Will, you can modify or add to the beneficiaries through a Codicil, a simple document that records the specific changes that you wish to make.

Wording of your bequest For the RDA Raymond Terrace Centre

The following is the suggested wording in your will if you wish to make a bequest to the Centre:

I bequeath to Riding for the Disabled (NSW) Raymond Terrace and Lower Hunter Centre, a charitable institution recognised by the ATO and an incorporated association (ABN 89 673 577 546; ACN 001 823 627: CFN 12295 Charitable Fundraising ACT 1991) of ‘Irrawang Park’, 3219 Pacific Highway, Raymond Terrace, NSW 2324 the (fill in amount of cash, percentage or residue of estate, or asset) to be used for its general charitable purposes. I declare that an official receipt of the Centre shall be a complete discharge of my bequest. If at my death the Centre has ceased to exist or amalgamated with another organisation or has changed its name my executors shall pay this legacy to the organisation which in their discretion they consider most nearly fulfils the objects of the original organisation.

Supporting a specific project

If you wish your bequest to be used to support a particular project or centre, you should provide a clear indication as to how you would like your legacy to be used by inserting an additional sentence. For example:

My bequest is to be used for to be used for (fill in the project e.g. purchase of new horses).  If at the time of my death the project is no longer operating, then my bequest is to be used for the general charitable purposes of the Centre.

Legal advice In drawing up your Will, you are strongly advised to seek proper legal advice, to ensure that your wishes will be carried out exactly as you intend and your tax liabilities are minimised. If you have not already appointed a solicitor, you may wish to consult the Law Society in your state or other such reputable directories.