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RDA Raymond Terrace & Lower Hunter Committee

Our Volunteer Management Committee consist of eight position holders including President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 4 Committee Members.

Election of the Management Committee takes places annually at our March Annual General Meeting with a quorum of our members.

Current Management Committee:

Alison – President –  Alison joined RDA in 2018, volunteers on a Monday and has been on the Committee since 2019 as 2nd Vice President and Grants Officer.  Alison worked for over 35 years in Government in land management and primary industries, is currently Chair of a statutory authority and enjoys year-round ocean swimming in Newcastle.

TreasurerThis position is currently vacant however the outgoing treasurer is holding the reins until a new treasurer can be found. Janet joined our Centre in 2014 as a Volunteer Coach in one of our weekly programs   Janet joined the Management Committee in the Treasurer role and has spent time in the President role.  Janet is also a part of our Horse Management Committee.  Janet has an Accountancy background managing large portfolios.

Jenny – Secretary – Jenny joined RDA in 2018 and is part of Team Tuesday & the Supa Saturday Squad. In 2020 she became the Volunteer Co-ordinator, a role she totally enjoys. In Jennys’ previous life she worked in the engineering industry in Newcastle for over 40 years.  Her roles included sales and management within different sectors of the company. She has three daughters, 4 grandchildren and enjoys an idyllic ‘life on the farm’ in rural Stroud.

Anne – Committee member – Anne joined our Centre as a program volunteer 5 years ago and joined the Management Committee in the role of Committee Member in 2019.  Anne has been working on our NDIS area.  Anne has spent a lot of years working within the community area with a different charity before RDA.


Jane – Committee member – Jane has been around the Centre for a while; her daughter being one of our riders.  Jane joined the committee in the role of Committee Member.  Jane has assisted in a range of ways, especially in imparting her perspective to us as a rider’s parent, to the Management Committee.  In 2020 Jane took on the role of the Centre’s Riders/Parents Representative.


Judy – Committee member – Judy has been a coach at Raymond Terrace Centre for 21 years and volunteered for 25 years.  During that time, Judy has previously been on the committee for a few years and held the role of Volunteer Co-ordinator for 10 years.  Judy’s initial interest came through wanting to work with riders with a disability having an Occupational Therapy background.  Judy is still here and hopes to contribute to the current committee.


Lesley Anne – Fundraising Coordinator – Lesley Anne started volunteering on a Tuesday in 2021 and in 2022 agreed to join the Management Committee at the Centre. She has taken onboard fundraising. She hails from England via South Africa and has two sons and a daughter.

Janet Bristow – Grants Officer – Janet joined the Centre as a volunteer in 2018 and is part of the Supa Saturday Squad. In 2022 she took on the role of Grants Officer and joined the Management Committee. Janet lives in Newcastle with her husband, young son and Schnauzer and has a background in scientific research, currently working as a research administrator and project manager.