RDA Raymond Terrace Membership

Our Members are an integral part of the future direction of our Centre.  We welcome volunteers, parents, supporters and members of the community to become supporting members of our Centre.

What is the Cost of Membership:  $15 per annum

Being a Centre Member entitles you…

  • To have a say in the direction you would like to see RDA RT&LH go.
  • Put forward a motion and/or second a motion.
  • Vote for or against any motion, changes or innovations.
  • To stand, nominate or second a nomination, for Centre positions at the Annual General Meeting held in March.
  • To receive minutes of Centre Meetings and abridged Management Meeting Minutes (in the form of a REPORT).
  • Receive our regular newsletter

How do you become a member…

  • A Membership Application must be completed by an applicant and seconded by a current member of the Centre.
  • Once the application is received at the Centre, and the $15.00 membership is paid, it is passed to the Management Committee for processing and acceptance at a Management Meeting or by agreement of the Management Committee, via emails.
  • Please note:  Management Committee have the Constitutional right to decline membership if it is felt there is a conflict of interest and not in the best interest of the Centre.
  • The applicant is informed that their membership is/is not, accepted
  • If an applicant is not accepted as a member of the Centre, the $15.00 paid is immediately refunded.
  • At this point the new member’s name and contact details are added to the Centre Membership List.

Renewal of Membership …

  • Membership runs from closure of AGM to closure of the AGM of the next year.
  • Membership falls due at the conclusion of the AGM each year.
  • As from the end of the AGM, in any given year, current membership lapses.
  • Membership can be renewed at any time before the AGM.