General Riding gives our riders the opportunity to learn to horse ride. Each rider can be assigned up to a three-person volunteer team, consisting of a LEADER and TWO SIDE WALKERS. As the rider’s ability and confidence increases, the number of helpers in the team is decreased. These programs currently operate Monday morning, all day Tuesday and every second Saturday.

Carriage Driving (presently only operating at Stroud) is particularly suited to teenage and adult participants with the ability to sit upright unsupported in an open horse carriage and hold a set of reins. The aim is to teach riders to drive as independently as possible. Riders may ultimately enter competitions. During a driving session, a pony and carriage are used, requiring a volunteer team of 1 RDA Whip (Coach) who sits in the carriage with the rider and two helpers who remain on the ground.

Dressage (not currently operating) includes all the normal horse riding skills, i.e. starting, stopping, riding straight lines, doing various sized circles and movements, etc. A rider must be at least eleven years of age. Riders may ultimately enter competitions. Volunteers help dressage riders by leading and or side walking.

School Program gives Special Needs Schools the opportunity to bring students as a part of their sports curriculum on a designated day and time to give an opportunity to learn to horse ride and enjoy the general riding benefits.