Life is not a matter of milestones but of moments – that’s one of the magnets on my fridge.  Milestones are especially important and can lead to those moments in life but then sometimes it’s a moment in your life that can lead you to another moment and down various paths.  Eight years ago, I was in one of those moments in another work life visiting one of special needs schools we assisted with school activities and learnt the name Riding for the Disabled.  As a girl who grew up riding stock horses at a time where no-one locked their gates and we were able to ride from property to property you could imagine this tweaked my interest somewhat, so I decided to pay them a visit and check it out.

I drove into the Centre and had a moment where I felt an immediate peace about the place, especially being a country girl, as the place was tucked in of the road and there were horses grazing in the paddock.

I met one of the coaches, Carol, who showed me around the place and filled me in on the programs and how it worked.  I was impressed and proud that the organisation was assisting in this wonderful part of our client’s lives.  This wonderful being confirmed when I was talking to one of our parents and she stated that when her daughter was on the horse she could sit as straight as a cocky on a biscuit tin and I heard the joy in her voice at this statement – another moment that imprinted.

Six years ago, I saw that RDA were advertising for assistance through the Hunter Volunteer Centre.  I called to see what I could do to assist and decided I would become a member and be involved on the Management Committee.

I love what our volunteers do each week at our centre with such a diversity of personalities and skills but with a common goal of our love for our horses and our riders.  I have enjoyed working in the management committee area and have had lots of fun “moments” at different times.  Through the Management Committee I have been involved in meetings, fundraising, community awareness, social media, website planning and community presentations.  I love to do the community presentations and share our wonderful work.

I think we have lots of moments at RDA and those moments vary for every rider and volunteer.  I am so pleased that some of my moments have been a part of this great organisation.